“I-Tool” Project

I-Tool – Efficient, Smart and Optimized Molds for the Industry:

The I-Tool project aims to design and develop new intelligent, efficient and optimised mould solutions. The aim is to promote the integration of advanced analysis and development tools, as well as the adoption of advanced manufacturing methods and technologies. To this end, techniques such as computer science, algorithms and artificial intelligence are used. These techniques aim at technological improvement in order to lead the change and evolution of the injection mould design and development paradigm.

The project is promoted by the consortium between Simoldes Aços (the main promoter), Simoldes Plásticos and INEGI*.

The main objective is to effectively address the current challenge of integrating tools, software and mould development phases using computational science based techniques and algorithms:

– create a collaborative tool integrated in the mold development process, in order to reduce the dependence on human expertise and the need for successive iterative optimization processes;

– automate the interdependence of tools and softwares and the creation of experimental frameworks between them, reducing the time spent on the iterative optimization process;

– develop new, more efficient, mold solutions, integrating alternative and/or complementary productive technologies, such as additive manufacturing.

The i-Tool project brings an important, global and radical product innovation with positive impacts on the design, development and manufacturing phases of the mould. It culminates in an “optimised mould”, lighter, more qualified and with a reduced time-to-market.

With an overall investment of 3.149.544,48€, this project is co-financed under Portugal 2020 Program in 1.918.403,34 € from European Regional Development Fund.
I-Tool project is a 36 months project, from June, 18th 2020 to June 16th 2023, with Simoldes Aços as promoter, Simoldes Plásticos and INEGI as copromotors.


* Institute for Science and Innovation in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering