Simoldes 4.0

#Simoldes4.0 project’s main goal is to develop an efficient mould that integrates artificial vision and intelligent sensoring, based on integrated innovative monitoring solutions, which go beyond the usual temperature and pressure control. This efficient mould will incorporate advanced systems for continuous and effective control of certain technical and process parameters, ensuring that the parameters that regulate the systems are within the standard processing window and that other values of the operating variables show regular and safe operation that maximise efficiency and productivity.


Project Nr POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017639
Measure: R&D projects ; companies in co-promotion
Total Eligible Cost (Simoldes Aços, SA): €928.776,36
Financial Support (Simoldes Aços, SA): FEDER – €536.876,68
Execution period: 01-09-2016 a 31-08-2019