Smart Factory – Product monitoring and leveled production

“Smart Factory”_IMA (Simoldes)”

Project Nr: 17.393
Total Investment: 4.043.915,20 euros
Total Eligible Investment: 3.601.910,68 euros
Incentive: 1.611.272,71 euros
Project Location: SANTIAGO DE RIBA-UL


Project summary:


IMA’s vision is to position itself as an international reference for the supply of technically complex molds, up to 30 tons, with high added value and differentiation, aimed at the demanding automotive industry.

In this sense, its strategic objectives are the following indicated below:

(i) qualified growth through automation, state-of-the-art production equipment, integration of the phases of the production process and optimisation of resources;
(ii) sales growth in the current type of customers;
(iii) strong international presence, promoting sales growth especially in the geographical markets where it already operates (and in which they are the main players in the automotive industry)
(iv) adoption of new management philosophies
(v) expansion and qualification of human resources, with an impact on their performance and on their involvement and motivation.


Project Description:

Application of lean thinking philosophy, flexible production planning systems (intelligent system for monitoring mould components)

In this way, the implementation of this project guarantees the application of a powerful traceability system, focusing on the three components with the greatest influence on the mold manufacturing process: the molding components system, the main mold components system (core and cavity), and the adjustment process system. This system was materialized through various production equipments and respective parts, associated with advanced software and interconnected to the company’s human resources.


See project file here.