Embracing the principles of Circular Economy in the Automotive Industry, with a target of at least 25% recycled materials in future cars across the European Union, Simoldes Plastics is part of this initiative in order to actively reshape the supply chain to form a robust link in the evolving circuit.

Simoldes Plastics, operating as a Tier 1 in the Automotive Industry, has set ambitious sustainability targets, encouraging all suppliers to participate and develop sustainable programs.

A key consideration is the position of Recyclers partners in the CEAI world. In response, Polykemi & Simoldes Plastics have joined forces to proactively enhance the probability of finding qualified Recyclers in the Automotive Industry. Their collaborative efforts include leveraging professional experience to develop business case studies, exemplified by projects like door handle and door panel insert innovations.

The goal is to increase the usage of renewable materials by 40% during the development phase of their products. Achieving this requires a strategic approach, supported by Simoldes’ Research & Innovation (R&I) roadmap. One such initiative is the ‘BOOST’ project launched in 2021, focusing on mechanical recycled content material products.