Privacy Policy

Commitment to Protect Data and Privacy

SIMOLDES complies with all applicable EU and national legal standards in the area of personal data protection, privacy and information security.

SIMOLDES is implementing a Personal Data Protection System and an Information Security System in order to ensure regulatory compliance and demonstration or disclosure of institutional responsibility for data protection and information security, implementing all necessary technical and organizational measures, both to comply with the general legal regime of the current Data Protection Law and to comply with the special legal regime of the General Regulation on Data Protection, applicable from May 25, 2018.

For any clarification or additional information or for the exercise of rights in this area, please contact the SIMOLDES Data Protection Office by e-mail



“Personal data”

“Personal data” means information relating to an identified or identifiable private person (‘data subject’); an identifiable person is a private person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier. Personal identifiers are for example, a name, an identification number, location data, identifiers by electronic means or one or more specific elements of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that private person.


“Processing of Personal Data”

“Processing” means an operation or a set of operations carried out on personal data or on personal data sets by automated or non-automated means such as collection, registration, organization, structuring, conservation, adaptation or modification, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disclosure, comparison or interconnection, limitation, erasure or destruction.



“Cookies” are small text files with information deemed relevant that the devices used for access (computers, mobile phones or portable mobile devices) carry, through the browser, when an online site is visited by the Client or User.


Entity Responsible for the Data Processing

SIMOLDES, with headquarters in Rua Comendador António da Silva Rodrigues, nr 100, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon, under the number of registration and of a Collective Person 51429887, with the share capital of 50 000,00 Euros, hereinafter referred to as the SIMOLDES. This entity comprises the following companies:

SIMOLDES AÇOS, SA / Rua Comendador António Silva Rodrigues, nº 100 3720 – 502 Santiago de Riba Ul – Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal / NIPC 500 250 650 / Share capital 3 243 000.00 €

MDA – Moldes de Azeméis, SA / Rua Comendador António Silva Rodrigues, nº 285 3720 – 502 Santiago de Riba Ul – Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal / NIPC 502 546 646 / Share capital 2 345 000.00 €

IMA – Indústria de Moldes de Azeméis, SA / Rua Comendador António Silva Rodrigues, nº 99 3720 – 502 Santiago de Riba Ul – Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal / NIPC 503 001 015 / Share capital 500 000.00 €

IGM – Indústria Global de Moldes, SA / Rua Dr. Silva Pinto, n.º 195 3720 – 502 Santiago de Riba Ul – Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal / NIPC 504 938 371 / Share capital 1 000 000.00 €

MECAMOLDE – Moldes para Plásticos, SA / Rua Comendador António Silva Rodrigues, Nº500 3720 – 502 Santiago de Riba Ul – Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal / NIPC 501 341 501 / Share capital 425 000.00 €

ULMOLDE – Moldes Técnicos, SA / Ouriçosa 3720 – 592 Ul, Portugal /  NIPC 502 752 548 / Share capital 750 000.00 €

SIMOLDES AÇOS BRASIL, LTDA. / Rodovia BR 376 KM 628,5 Nº 26500 Campo Largo da Roseira – Paraná, São José dos Pinhais, 83090-360, Brasil / NIPC 02810.621/0001-66 / Share capital 12.242.045,00 BRL

ACS ADVANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE DEUTSCHLAND GMBH / Vor dem Langen Loh 6 D-35075 Gladenbach-Mornshausen, Deutschland / NIPC DE 813544791 / Share capital 90.000,00 €

ACS FRANCE, SARL / Parc de L’Echangeur – ZI nº 9, 59264 Onnaing, France / NIPC FR 86444084099 / Share capital 60.000,00 €

ADVANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE IBÉRICA, SL / Calle Pintor Sert, 1 A 1º, E-08760 Martorell, Barcelona, España / NIPC ES B63059166 / Share capital 45.000,00 €

ADVANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE MÉXICO, S.A. DE C.V. / Calzada Zavaleta 3922 -8, Col. Santa Cruz Buenavista, C.P. 72170 Puebla, Mexico / NIPC ACS1507084Q9 / Share capital 400.000,00 MXN

Simoldes Aços Maroc SARL / Atlantic Free Zone Lots nº 13.12 et 13.13, Amer Saflia, Kenitra, Maroc / NIPC 25293679 / Share capital 100.000,00 MAD

SIMOLDES PLÁSTICOS, S.A. / Rua Comendador António da Silva Rodrigues, nº 165, 3720-502 Santiago de Riba-Ul, Portugal / NIPC 501 220 267 / Share capital 2 000 000,00 €

INPLAS – Indústrias de Plásticos, S.A. / Rua Dr. Silva Pinto, nº 317, 3720-193 Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal / NIPC 503 001 031 / Share capital 500 000,00 €

PLASTAZE – Plásticos de Azeméis, S.A. / Rua José Maria Castro Júnior, nº 271 3720-351 Vila de Cucujães, Portugal / NIPC 503 539 554 / Share capital 2 000 000,00 €

Simoldes Plásticos Indústria, Ltda. / Rodovia João do Amaral Gurgel, Km 1 – Jardim América, Caçapava – SP, CEP 12289-410, Brasil / NIPC 01.214.052/0001-23 / Share capital 114 118 630.00 BRL

Simoldes Plásticos Brasil, Ltda. / BR 376 Km 628 – Nº 26500 – A, Campo Largo da Roseira, São José dos Pinhais – PR, CEP 83090-360, Brasil / NIPC 01.640.335/0001-37 / Share capital 44 217 539,00 BRL

Simoldes Plásticos France, s.a.r.l. / Parc de L’Echangeur – ZI nº 9, 59264 Onnaing, França / NIPC FR 03418746863 / Share capital 9 294 434,67 €

Simoldes Plasticos Polska Sp. Z.o.o. / Ul. Zachodnia 7., 55-220 Jelcz-Laskowice, Polónia / NIPC PL 5213244622 / Share capital 47 330 500,00 PLN

Simoldes Plasticos Czech s.r.o. / Lipovka 162, 516 01 Rychnov nad Kneznou, República Checa / NIPC CZ 03545695 / Share capital 147.000.000,00 CZK

Simoldes Plasticos Deutschland Engineering, GmbH. / Max-von-Laue-Weg 9, 38448 Vorsfelde / Wolfsburg, Alemanha / NIPC DE 813188002 / Share capital 25.000,00 €

Simoldes Plasticos France Engineering, s.a.s. / Immeuble Le Florestan, 2 boulevard Vauban, 78180 Montigny le Bretonneux, França / NIPC FR 90 452 842 198 / Share capital 37.000,00 €

Simoldes Plasticos Maroc, s.a.r.l. / Zone Franche d’Exportation de KENITRA – Atlantic, Free Zone. Lots nº 13.9, 13.10 et 13.11 – Kenitra, Marrocos / NIPC MA 25293726 / Share capital 100.000,00 MAD

Simoldes, Lda / Rua Comendador António da Silva Rodrigues, nº 100, 3720-502 Santiago de Riba-Ul, Portugal / NIPC 514197927 / Share capital 180.210.000,00 €

Simoldes II – Plastic Division, S.A. / Rua Comendador António da Silva Rodrigues, nº 100, 3720-502 Santiago de Riba-Ul, Portugal / NIPC 514 209 925 / Share capital 89.405.000,00 €

Simoldes III – Tool Division, S.A. / Rua Comendador António da Silva Rodrigues, nº 100, 3720-502 Santiago de Riba-Ul, Portugal / NIPC 514209887 / Share capital 90.900.000,00 €


SIMOLDES is the entity responsible for the online site and for the computerized applications, hereinafter referred to as channels or applications, through which Users, Service Recipients, Customers or Suppliers have remote access to SIMOLDES services and products that are presented, traded or provided at any time through them.
The use of channels or applications by any User, Applicant, Customer or Supplier may entail the performance of personal data processing operations, whose protection, privacy and security by SIMOLDES, as the entity responsible for its treatment, is ensured, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

Contact Details of the Data Processing Manager

In order to contact SIMOLDES Data Protection Office, please send an e-mail to, describing the subject matter of the request and indicating an e-mail address, a telephone contact or a mailing address.


For any other purposes, please use the following SIMOLDES general contact: | | | | | | | |


Collection of and Processing Personal Data

SIMOLDES processes the personal data strictly necessary to make information available and for channel operations, according to the uses of the Users, Recipients of the Service, Customers or Suppliers, both those that are provided by Users or Recipients of the Service for the purpose of registration of requests or for obtaining information, and those provided by Clients for the purposes of adhesion to those channels, or those resulting from the use of the services provided by SIMOLDES through them, such as accesses, consultations, instructions, transactions and other registrations of their use.

The use or activation of certain channel functionalities may involve the processing of a number of direct or indirect personal identifiers, such as name, home address, contacts, device addresses or geographical location, whenever there is an express consent of the User, Candidate or the Client.

In all cases, Users, Service Recipients, Customers or Suppliers will always be informed of the need to access such data for the use of the functionalities of the channels in question.
Personal data collected by SIMOLDES is handled in a computerized way, in certain cases in an automated way, including file processing or profile definition, and in the management of pre-contractual, contractual or post-contractual relationship with Users, Service Recipients, Customers or Suppliers, in accordance with current national and Community standards in force.


Categories of Processed Data

The categories or types of personal data of the Users, Service Recipients, Customers or Suppliers being treated are as follows:

  • User Code, Social Security Number, Tax Payer Number, ID card or other, Name, Address, Phone number, Mobile phone number, Fax, Email, Process number, Notification Number, Quote, Legal number, Claim number, Remarks, Comments (free writing), Enforcement Officer Number, Bank Account Number, TIF code, Number of Household Members, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Health Number, Date of Incorporation, Card Number, Location of Reception, Residence, PSNI, Doctor’s Professional License, Number of Income Statement, Car Registration Number, Lawyer’s Professional License.

The categories or types of sensitive personal data of the Users, Service Recipients, Customers or Suppliers being processed are the following:

  • Trade Union Membership, Health Data and Biometric Data.


Legal Principles

All data processing operations comply with the fundamental legal principles in private data protection and privacy, in particular as regards its circulation, lawfulness, loyalty, transparency, purpose, minimization, conservation, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality. SIMOLDES is available to demonstrate its responsibility to the data subject or any third party having a legitimate interest in this matter.


Legitimacy Grounds

All personal data processing operations carried out by SIMOLDES have legitimacy grounds, namely either because the data subject gave his consent to the processing of his personal data for one or more specific purposes, or because the treatment is considered necessary for the performance of a contract in which the data subject is a party, or for pre-contractual arrangements at the request of the data subject, or because the processing is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation to which the controller is subject to, either because the treatment is required for the legitimate interests pursued by SIMOLDES or by third parties.


Purpose of Personal Data Processing

All personal data processed within the SIMOLDES channels are exclusively intended for the provision of information to Users, the management of personal information of the Recipients of the Service deemed necessary for the purpose of managing the relationship or communication, as well as the provision of the services contracted by the Customers and, in general, the management of pre-contractual, contractual or post-contractual relationship with Users, Customers or Suppliers.

The personal data collected may eventually also be processed for statistical purposes, for advertising or promotional actions, and for commercial or marketing actions, in particular to promote actions to disseminate new functionalities or new products and services, through direct communication, either by postal mail, or by electronic mail, text messages or telephone calls or any other electronic communication.

Having ensured the prior information and the collection of the express authorization for the latter purposes, Users or Clients may at any time exercise their right of opposition to the use of their personal data for other purposes that extrapolate the management of the contractual relationship, namely for marketing purposes, for sending information communications or for inclusion in lists or information services, and for this purpose, shall send a written request addressed to the SIMOLDES Data Protection Office in accordance with the procedures set out below.


Personal Data Storage Period

The personal data will be stored only for the period necessary for the purposes that led to their collection or subsequent processing, ensuring the compliance of all applicable legal rules on archiving.


Communication of Data to Other Entities

The provision of information or the provision of services by SIMOLDES to its Users or Clients through channels may involve the use of services of subcontracted third parties, including entities established outside the European Union, for the provision of certain services, which may involve access by these entities to the personal data of Users, Customers or Suppliers.

In these circumstances and whenever necessary, SIMOLDES will only resort to subcontracted entities that present sufficient guarantees of execution of adequate technical and organizational measures in a way that the treatment meets the requirements of the applicable standards, being such guarantees formalized in a contract signed between SIMOLDES and each of these third entities.


Data Recipients

Except in the scope of compliance with legal obligations, in no case will there be any communication of personal data from Users, Recipients of the service, Customers or Suppliers to third entities that are not subcontracted entities or legitimate recipients, and no other communication is also carried out for other purposes than the mentioned above.


International Data Transfers

Any transfer of personal data to a third country or an international organization shall only be carried out within the framework of the fulfillment of legal or guaranteed obligations which are in conformity with the applicable Community and national legal rules in this regard.


Security Measures

Taking into account the most advanced techniques, application costs and the nature, scope, context and purpose of the treatment, as well as the risks of probability and variable gravity for the Users or Clients, SIMOLDES and all entities subcontracted by SIMOLDES shall apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of safety appropriate to the risk.

To that end, a number of security measures are adopted to protect personal data against unauthorized disclosure, loss, misuse, alteration, processing or access, as well as against any other form of illegal treatment.
It is the sole responsibility of the Users, Recipients of the service or the Clients to keep the access codes secret, not sharing them with third parties, and in the particular case of computer applications used to access the channels, maintain and conserve the access devices in secure conditions and follow the security practices recommended by the manufacturers and / or operators, in particular regarding the installation and update of the necessary security applications, such as antivirus applications among others.

If there is a need to subcontract services to third parties that may have access to personal data of Users, Customers or Suppliers, SIMOLDES subcontractors will be obliged to adopt the security measures and protocols at the organization level and the necessary technical measures to the protection of the confidentiality and security of personal data, as well as to prevent unauthorized access, loss or destruction of personal data.


Exercise of Rights of Owners of Personal Data

Users, Customers and Suppliers of SIMOLDES may, as owners of personal data, at any time, exercise their rights of data protection and privacy, namely the rights of access, rectification, erasure, portability, limitation or opposition to processing, under the terms and limitations set forth in the applicable standards.

Any request for the exercise of data protection and privacy rights must be addressed, in writing, by the respective holder, to the Data Protection Office, according to the procedure and contact described below.


Complaints or Suggestions and Incident Reporting

SIMOLDES’ Users, Customers and Suppliers have the right to submit a complaint either by registering the complaint on the site or by submitting a complaint to the regulatory authorities.
SIMOLDES’ Users, Customers and Suppliers may also make suggestions through electronic mail sent to the Data Protection Office.


Incident Report

SIMOLDES has implemented an incident management system in the scope of data protection, privacy and information security.
If any User or Client wishes to report the occurrence of any situation of violation of personal data that causes, accidentally or unlawfully, the unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or access to personal data transmitted, preserved or otherwise treated, he or she may contact the Data Protection Office or use the SIMOLDES’ general contacts described above.


Privacy Policy Amendment

In order to ensure its updating, development and continuous improvement, SIMOLDES may, at any time, make changes, which are considered appropriate or necessary, to this Data Protection and Privacy Policy, ensuring its publication in the different channels to guarantee its transparency and information to Users and Clients.


Express Consent and Acceptance

The terms of the Data Protection and Privacy Policy are complementary to the terms and provisions regarding personal data set forth in the General Conditions of Use of the SIMOLDES channels.

The free, specific and informed disclosure of the personal data by the respective owner implies the knowledge and acceptance of the conditions contained in this Policy, considering that, by using the channels or by making their personal data available, Users, Service Recipients, Customers and Suppliers are expressly authorizing their processing, in accordance with the rules defined in each of the channels or collection instruments applicable.


Data Protection Office

For the exercise of any type of data protection and privacy rights or for any subject related to the protection of data, privacy and information security, Users, Service Recipients and SIMOLDES Customers and Suppliers may contact the Office Data Protection through the electronic mail, describing the subject of the request and indicating an electronic mail address, a telephone contact address or a mailing address for reply.