FDP – Future Door Panel

The Future Door Panel project aims to develop a distinctive and differentiating concept for the Automotive Interior Door Panel, integrating strongly innovative solutions in terms of intrinsic architecture (UX / UI design), decoration (IMD or IML), comfort (coatings with thermal management properties), lighting (LEDs integrated into just one end of the panel and materials that transmit uniform light), visual information / alert interfaces for connectivity (V2X) and sound (MEMS loudspeakers).

In addition, the project aims to accommodate new solutions that make it possible to reduce the weight of the Door Panel, without compromising the current CDC and ECE95 requirement regarding impact resistance in a collision situation, as well as cutting assembly time by reducing the number of panel fixings and increasing the flexibility of the assembly process compared to the one-piece flow model.

This project is part of the Supplier Club and has a total investment of €5,415,019.43.

It is co-financed by the Portugal 2020 programme to the tune of €5,402,836.10 from the European Regional Development Fund.

FDPanel was a three-year project, from October 2020 to June 2023.

Simoldes Plásticos as promoter, PSA Mangualde, Doureca, Ceiia, Centi, Citeve and INL as co-promoters, and PSA DRIA (Innovation Centre) as project partner.

Project File