33166 – PLASTAZE 2020 – 4.0 Excellence and Scalability in Industrial Efficiency and Innovation

By positioning itself as a top supplier to the automotive customer sector, among other industries, Plastaze has been faced with a very significant increase in orders and has sought to initiate strategies to create new products worldwide.

Sustaining a solid response to this rate of growth in demand is only feasible if the conditions are created to respond with high quality, reliability and efficiency, within short deadlines, in accordance with customer requirements and at competitive prices.

To that end, this project aims to provide a greater and better response to the company’s challenges in the market. This project envisages the introduction of various integrated automation systems, advanced production equipment and systems and instant interaction between the company and its customers, optimising the flow of materials, parts, people and information, thus meeting the demands of the market.


Support under the Incentive Systems: FEDER

Total Investment: 8.447.130€

Refundable Incentive: 3.021.252€