Simoldes Plasticos France

Foundation date: 1998

Simoldes Plasticos France, SARL, belongs to Simoldes Group and is located in France in Parc de L`Echanger, Z.Ind. 9, Onnaing.

Founded in 1998 is a company of thermoplastics injection, focusing its activity in the automotive industry. Among the major customers stands out Renault, PSA and Toyota.


Simoldes Plasticos France, SARL, strives to guarantee professional equality between men and women and to promote the development of professional diversity at all levels, which constitutes a source of complementary, a factor of collective enrichment, a guarantee of balance, of social and economic efficiency.


The implementation of a set of measures aimed at guaranteeing and promoting the principles of equal treatment and diversity, at all stages of professional life, resulted in an improvement in our Professional Equality Index. However, the challenge remains to achieve true gender equality and equity, making this one of our main missions for the coming years.


Index d’Egalité Professionnelle