Tech4 T-RTM

The Tech4 T-RTM project aims to develop a system for producing structural components in thermoplastic composite material, based on an emerging thermoplastic liquid moulding technology (T-RTM).

This disruptive technology for processing thermoplastics has aroused the interest of the automotive industry for its potential to manufacture lightweight composite structural components and thus fulfil global directives on sustainability, recyclability and energy efficiency.

With an investment of €1,040,847.93, this project is co-financed under the Portugal 2020 Programme with €626,689.58 from the European Regional Development Fund.

The Tech4 T-RTM project ran for two and a half years, from December 2020 to June 2023.

BTL as the promoter and Simoldes Plásticos and the University of Aveiro as co-promoters.


Project File