LH4Auto – Lighting and Heating System for Automotive

The main objective of the LH4Auto project is to encourage the development of innovative multifunctional parts in a thermoplastic matrix with lighting and heating capabilities for automotive application.

The design approach is supported by new technologies for the functionalisation of polymer substrates with lighting capabilities through multilayer coating and by new production technologies for the functionalisation of parts through the integration of fibrous materials with energy conduction capabilities.

LH4Auto is a 3-year project with a total investment of €1,571,894.12.

This project is co-financed under the Portugal P2020 Programme – PSA Suppliers Club with an incentive of €936,335.56.

The Project Consortium consists of two companies: Simoldes Plásticos and Peugeot Citroen Automóveis de Portugal (PSA MG), as well as the University of Minho.

The LH4Auto project also has the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group as a partner, which involved a team coordinated from its Innovation and Design Department (PSA ID) in the project, in order to orientate the innovation produced towards the specific requirements of car manufacturers, mainly in the areas of design, ergonomics, marketing and architecture, guaranteeing innovation and reducing the time to market for the solutions to be developed.


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