Cookies Policy

Commitment to Data Protection and Privacy:

The Cookies Policy regulates the processing of data, including personal data, of users, collected in connection with the use of Simoldes’ electronic sites or applications. This, through Cookies, by Simoldes, as the entity responsible for the processing, hereinafter referred to as “Simoldes”.

This Cookies Policy describes the types of Cookies used by Simoldes on its website

You can choose the types of Cookies that can be downloaded to your internet access device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

Cookies Policy and Data Protection Policy:

This Cookies Policy should be read by the User in conjunction with the Personal Data Protection Policy, accessible to the User via this link.

Contact Points:

For any questions about the Cookies Policy, you may contact Simoldes through the following contact points.

– Email Address:;
– Postal Address: Apartado 26, Bec da Boavista 3721 – 852 Santiago de Riba Ul;
– Telephone Contact: +351 256 661 000.

Concept of Cookies:

Cookies are small information files placed by the electronic sites that the User visits. They are stored in the browser of the device used to access the Internet (for example, the computer or mobile phone). These files help the websites to memorise information about the visit and facilitate the next visit, maintaining the actions and preferences of Users for a certain period of time. They keep or recognise the User’s name, the language in which they want to navigate the sites or other settings. They also have the ability to personalise the User experience through specific content or allow the collection of information about the use of the websites.

Cookie Categorisations:

Cookies are classified taking into account three major categorisations.

– their purpose;
– the entity placing them
– their lifetime or retention period

Categorisation of Cookies as to their Purpose:

Considering their purposes, Cookies are classified as follows.

(a) necessary Cookies
(b) analytical Cookies
(c) personalisation Cookies
(d) advertising Cookies

Categorisation of Cookies in terms of the Placing Entity:

Considering the entity that is responsible for placing Cookies, Cookies are classified as follows.
(a) in-house Cookies
(b) Third-party Cookies

Categorisation of Cookies as to the Lifetime Period:

Considering the lifetime period of Cookies, Cookies are categorised as follows.
(a) ‘Session’ cookies
(b) ‘persistent’ Cookies

List of Cookies – Presentation:

The following types of Cookies are used on this website:

(a) strictly necessary Cookies;
(b) analytical Cookies;
c) Personalisation Cookies;
(d) advertising Cookies.

Cookie List – Description

Detailed information regarding the functionality and use of these Cookies is as follows:

Cookie Name: __utma
Default expiry time: 2 years from setting/update
Description: Used to distinguish users and sessions. The cookie is created when the JavaScript library is executed and there are no cookies__utma. It is updated whenever data is sent to Google Analytics.

Cookie name: __utmt
Default expiry time: 10 minutes
Description: Used to track the request rate.

Cookie name: __utmb
Default expiration time: 30 minutes from setting/update
Description: Used to determine new sessions/visits.

Cookie name: __utmc
Default expiration time: End of browser session
Description: Not used in ga.js. Set for interoperability with urchin.js. Previously, this cookie operated in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine if the user was in a new session/visit.

Cookie name: __utmz
Default expiration time: Six months from set/update
Description: Stores the traffic source or campaign through which the user arrived at your site.

Cookie name: __utmv
Default expiration time: 2 years from set/update
Description: Used to store custom variable data at the visitor level.

Acceptance of the use of cookies:

It is not possible for electronic sites to function without the functional Cookies that are strictly necessary, and the User is therefore obliged to accept their use. As regards other types of Cookies, the User is free to consent to their use.

We always request the express prior consent of the User. Unless the placing of certain Cookies is strictly necessary in order to provide the service that you have expressly requested or to provide access to a particular functionality of that service.

Browser Configuration:

Browsers allow for individualised control of Cookies stored on your device, as well as immediate deletion if you wish to stop allowing local storage of Cookies.

Privacy Applications:

On sites, devices or equipment that offer this type of functionality, the User may have greater control over their Cookies. Using free privacy protection applications that are available on various online platforms.

Privacy Possum;
AutoDelete Cookie;

Changes to Cookie Policy:

Simoldes reserves the right, freely and at any time, without prior notice and with immediate effect, to change, add to or revoke, in part or in full, this Cookies Policy.Exercise of Rights.

Users may, as holders of personal data, at any time exercise their data protection and privacy rights. Rights to withdraw consent, access, rectification, erasure, portability, limitation or opposition to processing, under the terms and with the limitations provided for in the applicable regulations.

Communication of Incidents:

Simoldes has implemented an incident management system within the scope of data protection and information security.

The Form for Reporting Incidents of Data Breach at Simoldes is accessible at any public service point of the companies of the Simoldes Group.

Suggestions, Complaints or Grievances:

Users may submit suggestions on technical or organisational measures they consider most appropriate for improving data protection and privacy conditions. They may do so by sending an e-mail to the Data Protection Officer at Simoldes. Also, through the Form for Data Protection and Privacy Suggestions.

Users also have the right to file a complaint, either by registering the complaint in the Complaints Book or by filing a complaint with the control authorities. In the latter case, submit a petition or complaint directly to the national supervisory authority via the contacts available at

Data Protection Officer:

Simoldes has appointed a Data Protection Officer, whose contact points are as follows:

– Email address:;
– Postal Address: Apartado 45, Entre as Águas, Estrada Nacional 255, s/n, 7860-909 Moura, Portugal.

Data Processing Information Sheet:

To consult the Information Sheet on Data Processing of Users by Cookies please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Useful Links:

For further information on Cookies, in particular on applicable standards, configuration of browsing systems, users’ rights, etc., please refer to

Version and Date of Cookie Policy:

Date: 20 September 2021;
Version: 2;

For earlier Versions of the Cookie Policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer.