Whistleblower and Technical File

Data Sheet for the Website ” www.simoldes.com”.

Information sheet on the institutional identification elements of the electronic site www.simoldes.com. With its general characteristics and the ways and conditions of use.

Activation Date

The website www.simoldes.com has been online since 17th September 2021.

Domain Registration

The domain www.simoldes.com is registered by the company Simoldes Plásticos, SA, with the VAT number 501 220 267.

Ownership of the Site

The website www.simoldes.com is also owned by Simoldes Plásticos, SA, with the VAT number 501 220 267.

Institutional Identification

The collective entity Simoldes Plásticos, SA, is a public limited company incorporated in Portugal. Its head office is at Rua Comendador António da Silva Rodrigues, Nº165, Zona Industrial 3720-502 Oliveira de Azeméis. The VAT number is PT501 220 267.

Institutional Contacts

You can contact Simoldes through the following communication channels:
– General Telephone: (+351) 256 661 100;
– General e-mail: mail@simoldes.com.

Simoldes website

Simoldes’ website is accessible at www.simoldes.com.

Contact of the Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer of the website owner can be contacted via e-mail: protecaodedados@SIMOLDES.com.

Contact for the Security Officer

The Security Officer of the website owner can be contacted via email at: protecaodedados@SIMOLDES.com.

Contact for the System Administrator

The System Administrator of the website owner can be contacted through the e-mail address: protecaodedados@SIMOLDES.com.

Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Policy can be accessed here.

Editorial Responsibility for the Contents

The development of the contents of the pages published on the website is carried out under the authorship and editorial responsibility of LOBA.cx.


The content published on the website that does not come from public sources: texts, images, drawings, photographs, plans, brands, logos, names and denominations. They are protected by copyright and industrial property rights. The owner, the editorial manager or other institutions expressly identified as such are the owners.

Therefore, the contents of the website, in whole or in part, may not be edited, published, disseminated or reproduced by any technical means. They may not be downloaded or copied without prior express written authorisation from the owner or the other owners…

In other words, unauthorised use is considered illicit and is prosecuted criminally and civilly, as well as disciplinarily if necessary, before the Portuguese Courts. Under the terms of the Computer Criminality Law, the Code of Copyright and Related Rights, the Industrial Property Code and other applicable legislation.

Technical Support

For any type of help or technical support, please contact us by phone (+351) 256 660 900. This is available every working day between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.

Technical Data Sheet version

The Technical Data Sheet has been published on the 16th of September 2021 with the reference: Version FT/01.


Reporting Channels
1.Do you wish to report an irregularity or report the practice of an infraction or violation of regulations within a company of Simoldes Group?

Simoldes Group has a commitment to compliance with applicable regulations and a commitment to whistleblower protection. An internal control system is in place whose detailed parameters can be consulted in the Whistleblower Protection Information Sheet: https://simoldes.protecaodedenunciantes.com.

2.What are the forms for reporting irregularities or whistleblowing?

Any person who wishes to submit a communication or denunciation to the team responsible for Denunciations of the Simoldes Group.

– You can do so freely in an anonymous way or, if you wish, by identifying your personal data and contacts

– Through a written or oral complaint

– Through any of the available channels, whether regular mail, email, telephone contact, voice message or digital platform form.

Additionally, anyone who requires prior advice or wishes to arrange a face-to-face meeting to present the communication or complaint. You can contact the Whistleblowing team, through any of the available channels, requesting the scheduling of a meeting.


3.Do you want to know the Contact Details of the Reporting Channels?

It is possible to submit a grievance through any of the available grievance channels.

The available channels for filing or submitting any type of grievance are the following:

3.1.Regular Mail Channel

To submit a written complaint through regular mail, please send the communication to the following address, and it must be expressly addressed to the Complaints Officer.


Simoldes Group – Audit

Apartado 113 – Bec da Boavista

3721-902 – Oliveira de Azeméis


3.2.E-mail Channel

To submit a written complaint via e-mail, please send the communication to the following address: compliance@simoldes.com .

3.3 Telephone Channel

To submit an oral complaint by telephone. Every day, between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. Please contact the following telephone number: (+351) 911 879 229.

3.4.Voice Mailbox Channel

To submit a complaint orally through a voice message box. Every day, between 18.00 and 9.00 hours. Please record the voice message on the following telephone number: (+351) 911 879 229.

3.5.Digital Platform Channel

To submit a written complaint through the Digital Platform of the Reporting Channels. Please access through the link: https://simoldes.protecaodedenunciantes.com and fill in the Reporting Form.

3.6 In-Person Meetings

To submit your communication or grievance, any person may contact the Whistleblowing team. To do so, use any of the available channels, requesting the scheduling of a meeting for that purpose.

4 Do you need confidential counselling prior to the communication or denunciation?

The Simoldes Group provides confidential counselling for people who need further help and clarification or who are considering filing a report. Simply contact the Whistleblowing team through any of the Whistleblowing Channels.

5.Would you like to know and consult the Simoldes Group’s Internal Regulations, Policies, Information Sheets and Forms?

The Internal Standards, Policies, Information Sheets and Forms relevant for the purposes of the whistleblower protection system are accessible in the following section. “Regulatory Standards” of the Whistleblowing Channels Digital Platform, accessible at https://simoldes.protecaodedenunciantes.com.

6.Where can you find more information about the Whistleblowing Channels procedures of the Simoldes Group?

Therefore, and assuming a commitment to demonstrate its responsibility, the Simoldes Group makes publicly available a Repository of Information and Documentation on the Whistleblower Compliance and Protection Programmes. It also provides a set of Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, whose link is accessible through the Whistleblowing Channels Digital Platform at the following link. https://simoldes.protecaodedenunciantes.com.