Simoldes Aços Brasil

Constitution Date: 1998

  • Manufacture of Thermoplastic Injection Tools since 1998.


To report concerns related to ethics, compliance or any inappropriate behavior, use our secure and confidential Whistleblowing Channel.


At Simoldes Aços Brasil we firmly believe in gender equity as a fundamental pillar for a fair and inclusive
work environment. And it is with this commitment that we address our employes, customers and the
community in general to clarify our position and practices related to salary transparency.

We recognize the authorities´ effort to standardize data from thousands of companies, but we believe that
the methodology used requires review and improvement to ensure a more accurate and effective
assessment of pay equity between genders. At Simoldes Aços Brasil Ltda, we are committed to promote
gender equality and will continue to do so tirelessly.

You can consult the Report on Transparency and Equal Pay for Women and Men at this link.