Simoldes Plastics @LOPEC 2023

It was a very exciting experience for the Leimsa consortium to share the main results achieved in the project at the Simoldes Plásticos booth in LOPEC, which were achieved on the project and materialized with  the Leimsa console.

According to Lopec, this year there were more exhibitors than ever before: 168 exhibitors from 25 countries and more than 2300 visitors from 43 countries. LOPEC highlighted the entire spectrum of flexible, organic and printed electronics, and showed the potential that lies in this key technology. They were busy few days and we received many visitors to experience our LEIMSA console.

The LEIMSA project addresses the development of disruptive components for the interior of the vehicle of the future with purpose of following the market evolutive trends in the automotive industry and anticipate materialization.

It will be integrate decorative elements and distinctive functionalities with the least possible operations, using emergent technologies in the mould (in-mould operations) and lightweight, such as In-Mould Decoration (IMD), In-Mould Labeling (IML), High Pressure Forming (HPF) and In-Mould Electronics (IME), for the development of intelligent and haptic surfaces, with attractive 3D seamless design and a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that will be immersive and intuitive, centered in the user experience. LEIMSA also aims at the capacitation of the consortium as well as the creation of robust value chain.

Thank you all for your great feedback on the demonstrator and main goals we have achieved so far in Leimsa.

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