The added value that we propose in our products is supported by the knowledge and expertise that we constantly aim to develop in search of excellence in the various processes.

Simoldes Plastics promotes the constant updating of its portfolio of technologies in order to respond to the trends of the markets where we operate.



  • Injection
  • Bi-Injection
  • One shot
  • Low pressure
  • Gas Injection
  • Hybrid injection
  • Compression Injection
  • Poly Press
  • Woodstock
  • Welding (Laser, Vibration, Ultrasonic, Hot Plate)
  • Cutting (Laser, Press, Ultrasonic)



  • Bonded Coating (Fabric, PVC, vacuumforming, Thermoforming)



  • IMD
  • IML
  • Soft Painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Tampography