Applicants’ Personal Data Processing Policy

Commitment to Data Protection

The Companies (*) belonging to Simoldes Plastics, sub-holding of Simoldes and hereinafter referred to as Simoldes Plastics, comply with all applicable EU and national legal regulations regarding data protection, privacy and security of personal information of candidates, in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection and Privacy Policy which can be consulted at or at any of our offices.

Personal Data

Simoldes Plastics collects and processes the following personal data of candidates: name, title, function, company where you work and contacts in the company, as well as data from your business card and all the data in your curriculum or application form.

Data Sources

Simoldes Plastics collects the personal data of candidates from the submission of personal curriculum vitae, the filling out of the application form or from various sources of personal information accessible to the public in general (Internet sites, professional contact networks, media, etc), as well as from personal references.

Purpose of Processing

Simoldes Plastics processes the personal data of candidates exclusively for the purposes of human resources management and employee selection or recruitment.

Legitimacy of Processing

Simoldes Plastics justifies the legitimacy of the processing of applicants’ personal data, either based on the applicants’ consent, or based on the legitimate interest of human resources management for the pursuit of selection and recruitment of human resources for economic activity.

Data Retention Period

Simoldes Plastics will keep the data for the time period necessary for the purposes of processing, complying with the legal term. The candidate is entitled to request, at any time, the respective removal of the data or exercise any other right and the default term for keeping curricula and personal data of candidates processed by the human resources management services is three years.

Communication of Personal Data

The candidates’ personal data is processed exclusively by Simoldes Plastics’ human resources management services, with no data being communicated to third parties.

Applicants’ Rights

Simoldes Plastics facilitates the exercise of candidates’ rights regarding the protection of personal data. In addition to always being able to lodge a complaint with the respective supervisory authority for the exercise of any type of data protection rights, namely the rights to information, access, rectification, objection, limitation of processing or erasure, applicants may contact the Data Protection Officer at Simoldes Plastics via e-mail at , describing the subject of the request and indicating an e-mail address, a telephone contact address or a mailing address for a reply.

*(*) Simoldes Plastics, S.A. | Inplas, Industrias de Plasticos, S.A. | Plastaze Plasticos de Azemeis, S.A. | Simoldes Plásticos Indústria, Ltda. | Simoldes Plásticos Brasil, Ltda. | Simoldes Plasticos France, s.a.r.l. | Simoldes Plasticos Polska Sp. Z.o.o. | Simoldes Plasticos Czech s.r.o. | Simoldes Plasticos Deutschland Engineering, GmbH. | Simoldes Plasticos España, S.L. | Simoldes Plasticos France Engineering, s.a.s. | Simoldes Plasticos Maroc, s.a.r.l.   Simoldes Plasticos Polska Zory Z.o.o. and whose formal contacts are available in the Data Protection and Privacy Policy.