Simoldes Plastic Division is a set of companies belonging to Simoldes Group, with headquarters in Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal. Founded in 1959, group began exporting in 1961. Below is described Simoldes organization and companies.

Since 1968, Simoldes is working for automotive industry, being this sector the biggest responsible for Simoldes turnover.

Simoldes Group – Plastic Division is divided in eight companies. Simoldes Plásticos created in 1981, Inplas in 1993, Plastaze in 1997, Simoldes Plásticos France in 1998, Simoldes Plásticos Brasil in 1996, Simoldes Plásticos Industria in 1996, Simoldes Plasticos Polska in 2003, Simoldes Plasticos Czech Republic in 2015 and Simoldes Plasticos Maroc Kenitra in 2019. To support these manufacturing companies, Simoldes Plastic Division has its headquarters in Portugal and three technical / commercial sites in France, Germany and Spain.

Main customers are situated in Spain, France, Germany, UK and Poland.

Simoldes is one of the few groups with capacity to support and produce for main OEMs like Renault, Volvo, VW, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, Porsche, Honda, Mercedes, GM, Mitsubishi, Bébéconfort and AmtrolAlfa.

Organization Structure

Administration President – António da Silva Rodrigues

Vice President – Rui Paulo Rodrigues

Member of the Board – Jaime Sá

CEO – Chief Executive Officer – Domingos Pinto

Thermoplastics Eng. Solutions – Manuel Alegria

Sales Mgt – Hugo Carvalho

   KAM – Thomas Mirus (VW Group)

   KAM – António Avides (Seat; GM)

   KAM – Knut Eichler (Audi)

   KAM – Frank Scheuerlein (BMW)

   KAM – Valérie Rochefrette (PSA)

   KAM – José Marques (Renault)

   KAM – Vicente Climent (Toyota, JLR)

Finance Mgt – Ercilia Tavares

Operations Mgt – António Couto

Total Quality Mgt – Alexandre Batista

Human Resources Mgt – Paulo Bastos

Purchasing Mgt – António Gonçalves

Development & Project Mgt – Hugo Andrade

Digital Transformation Mgt – Pedro Ramalho

Logistics Mgt – Paulo Oliveira

Controlling/Costing Mgt – Hugo Carvalho

Research & Innovation Mgt – Júlio Grilo

Serial Life Mgt – Miguel Angelo

IT Mgt – Luis Faustino

Code of ethics and conduct
Simoldes Group (SG) is currently considered the largest manufacturer of molds in Europe.

Over half a century the Group has contributed predominantly to the current position of the sector, globalizing its market, strengthening and dignifying internationally the image of the Portuguese industry through technological development, the correct production planning and quality control,the investment in vocational training and the increment of external demand.

To ensure our existence and long-term success the Group's efforts aim at excellence, emphasizing the values and company policy, which are based on the Administration strategic guidelines.

With these guidelines the Group intends to establish itself as a socially responsible organization,guided by a strong sense of ethics which should be reflected on a sustainable growth policy and an exemplary behavior from their managers, employees and, more ambitiously, customers, suppliers and the community at large.

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