Human Resources

It is part of Simoldes Group culture to stimulate the participation and the involvement of all collaborators to reach the organization goals, thus motivating the collaborators in the sense of making the convergence between individual goals and the company goals.

In our opinion, people make the difference in the organization.

It is fundamental to Attract, to Conserve and to Develop our collaborators, only in this way will it be possible to obtain success in the activities we develop, thus assuring the satisfaction of our customers and the motivation of our collaborators.

Collaborators Profile

In a leader market company, the human culture that has been developed throughout the years, allowed us to develop a profile settled in a very unique culture where people identify themselves with the values of the organization:

To be able to trust others; To be able to honour its commitments; To be excellent; To be innovative; To be honest; To have capacity for personal and professional development; To be a true leader or a candidate to be so; To be able to adapt to change; To be flexible and versatile.

Training and Development

Aiming to endow all the collaborators with capacities, knowledge, practices and abilities for the performance of its own position, Simoldes Group seeks to invest strongly in training.

It is given the opportunity to all the collaborators of Simoldes Group to make an initial training through the elaboration of a training plan of reception and integration in accordance with each position. In the course of the professional career it is given the opportunity to receive continuous training, whose purpose aims basically at:

Professional progress; Professional reconversion; Professional recycling; Professional promotion.

Training at Simoldes Group will continue to be a priority, because it is only possible to achieve high levels of performance if the collaborators have qualifications, abilities, knowledge and adequate capacities. Simoldes will continue to mobilize all its collaborators to continuous training and to the achievement of knowledge and abilities to its personal and professional development offering them opportunities of internal and external training.

We can detach some training actions that occur: Coaching; Health, Hygiene and Safety at Work; Injection methods and processes; TPM; Continuous improvement Process; Motivation and Leadership; Quality Tools; Internal Logistics; IT Systems; Languages among others. It is important the participation of all the collaborators in the training process.

The bet in the development of its Human Resources is a strategic goal of Simoldes Group.

Professional Careers

Simoldes Group with its history of success and with a fast growth in the market reflects a strong power of attraction and retention of staff and young of high potential. This situation of attractive and preferential company allowed to respond to the challenge of captivation and retention of human resources that are necessary to the expansion of its activities.

Simoldes Group gives its collaborators advices so that they can manage its professional career conveniently:

To be responsible for its own career; To improve its personal abilities; To learn to communicate better; To adapt itself to changes; To be flexible and versatile; To bet in new technologies; To update knowledge; To know deeply the culture of the company; To invest more in itself.

Simoldes Group intends to obtain the cooperation of the best professionals and the most promising students.

Human Resources