Optimized product flow in specialized autonomous cells

Project Nr: 17.400
Total Investment: 18.263.545,05 euros
Eligible Cost: 16.466.104,39 euros
Incentive: 7.400.034,90 euros
Project Location: SANTIAGO DE RIBA-UL


Project summary:

1. Objetives:

MDA’s vision is to position itself as an international leader in the mouldmaking industry, becoming a reference in the supply of integrated, customized, flexible and high added value solutions, aimed at the demanding automotive value chain, positioning itself as a qualified supplier of its most upstream links (OEM and first-tiers).

The major vectors of strategic orientation to be prioritized by MDA in its future development in the medium and long term, which duly frame the present investment project, are: (i) Expansion of production capacity and business; (ii) Promotion of organizational and production efficiency aimed at continuously improving the trias quality/delivery time/cost and recreating new benchmarks of productivity and profitability for the company; (iii) Differentiation of its products, services and solutions, increasingly valuing their flexibility, integration, customization, quality and reliability in the right response time to the customer; (iv) Continued innovation in production processes of international scope; and (v) Continued strengthening of human resource skills through new hirings and adjusted and applied training and professional development programs.

These vectors correspond to the following strategic objectives: (i) Optimization of the production process through a meticulous use of resources; (ii) Automation of processes and their integration; (iii) Investment in the current typology of products and in the loyalty of current customers; (iv) Adoption of modern management philosophies; (v) Internalization of key activities to maximize customer satisfaction; (vi) Promotion of employee qualification and motivation.


2. Project Description:

This project aims to consolidate MDA’s sophisticated growth, by increasing its competitiveness and value as a supplier of technical molds for the demanding automotive industry, with special focus on bumpers and dashboards.
OEMs and first-tiers require high levels of reliability, quality, adaptability, speed and customization of the offer. This poses major challenges to MDA, which is already an international reference, but needs to gain efficiency, productivity, scale and profitability to ensure a sustained growth that will continuously place it in the international leadership.

MDA intends to meet these challenges by equipping itself with the most advanced equipment and software available worldwide to support production, implementing a pioneering logic of optimizing the production process according to a continuous line of autonomous cells, product-oriented (and not function-oriented, as has been the case until now) and reconfigurable in nature. Complementarily, it intends to equip itself with the means to better control the production management system and to become autonomous from third parties, internalizing new competencies. The overall goal is to obtain an intelligent production and production management control system, interconnecting all resources with a view to process optimization.

The investment will take place at the company’s headquarters and will be for the expansion of the installed capacity, with positive effects in terms of response capacity, in quantity and quality, the result of an outstanding effort to optimize resources, an effort applied to existing assets and to those that will be acquired with the execution of the project.


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