Intelligent pull-flow centers in the production process

Project Nr: 17.453
Total Investment: 10.252.344,22 euros
Total Eligible Investment: 9.286.591,82 euros
Incentive:: 4.179.210,31 euros
Project Location: SANTIAGO DE RIBA-UL


Project summary:

1. Objectives:

Simoldes Aços’ vision is to establish itself, nationally and internationally, as an example in the manufacture of technical molds, recognized for their added value and technical complexity, for its differentiation and for its insertion OF integrated, customized and flexible solutions, directed towards the sophisticated, demanding, and dynamic automotive industry.

This framework is reflected in the company’s major strategic axes: expansion of production capacity, differentiation of supply, improvement of the quality/delivery time/cost ratio, and innovation of production processes and organization. In turn, these strategic axes are reflected in the major strategic objectives of: optimization of the production process through a carefully studied use of resources and the activities that comprise it, reflected in the increase of the scale of the company’s operations; automation of processes and their integration; inclusion of information technologies as support elements for strategic decision making; investment in the current portfolio of products and in the loyalty of current customers; adoption of modern management philosophies; internalization of key activities to maximize customer satisfaction; promotion of the qualification and motivation of employees.


2. Project Description:

The project aims to enable Simoldes Aços to achieve a sustained growth, responding effectively to the challenges posed by the automotive industry and taking advantage of its dynamics. The company, with a considerable size, a long history and a high reputation, reflected in the close relationship it has with important first-tiers and OEMs and evident in its turnover dedicated to high added value molds, now wants to become, definitively, an unavoidable reference in the national and international industry of sophisticated molds for demanding customers.

To do so, it has designed this project to increase its value competitiveness, based on advanced production systems and, in particular, the concepts of intelligent and adaptive systems (focusing on the development of new systems and equipment, combining mechatronics, control, monitoring and automation solutions), digital and virtual factories (focusing on factory design, data management and operations planning and management, creating communication systems between infrastructure equipment and stocks and integrating information into management control systems, optimizing production) and human-centric manufacturing (focusing on the redistribution of production tasks and the development of human-machine interaction systems, with highly skilled workers, controlling highly complex automated systems), aiming to achieve high levels of flexibility and adaptability.

The constant search for efficiency gains is, therefore a cornerstone of this project with repercussions in the scale of production and in the final quality of the offer. These goals will be achieved by increasing the company’s installed capacity, which corresponds to an investment of 10,252,344.22 euros and includes production equipment and accessories, software to support production and management control, the construction of a thinning center, a training plan, environmental sustainability items, an economic and financial feasibility study, and TOC expenses.