In-process stations for inspection of production activities

Project Nr: 17.420
Total Investment: 3.266.099,42 euros
Total Eligible Cost: 2.761.064,66 euros
Incentive: 1.233.033,74 euros
Project Location : SANTIAGO DE RIBA-UL


Project summary:


IGM’s vision is to position itself as an undeniable international reference in the mouldmaking industry, setting an example of excellence in the supply of integrated, flexible, customized and high added value solutions, intended for the demanding and advanced automotive industry, preferably in OEM and first tiers, and positioning itself as a qualified and privileged supplier of these links further up the automotive value chain, cherishing its specialization in moulds for front ends, door panels and wheel arches.

Therefore, it assumes as its goal the offer of differentiated and integrated solutions, with guaranteed high standards of quality, precision and reliability, adequate to the needs of each customer. In this context, it also includes as objectives the continued professional development of its employees, in order to provide business success, as well as concern for the sustainability of resources.


Project Description:

The aim of this project was to contribute to the qualified growth of IGM, strengthening its competitive value, in order to reinforce its performance as a qualified supplier of technically complex moulds for the automotive industry. Thus, it intends to increase IGM’s production scale and enhance the quality of its supply through the application of lean thinking philosophy, valuing the quality and flexibility of processes and seeking to optimize them by eliminating waste and non-conformities and by eliminating activities with no added value.

This project ensures the creation of in-process inspections, integrating intelligent control systems through machine vision, which are the first step towards future application of assembly line concepts to the Bench’s process, creating workstations specialized only in assembly and tuning, reducing adjustment operations.


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