Corolla replacement early 2007
During the recent Paris Auto Show, Toyota has shown the anticipation of what would be the new compact model to be launched in the European market early 2007.

After a few weeks, the official presentation shows the first pictures of the new AURIS, the substitute of the actual Corolla.

This Toyota Auris here shown, is know at Simoldes Tooling Division since July 2004. It was know at the time by the code names 130L or 345W, 3 doors (build in Turkey) or 5 door versions (build in Turkey and UK).

Since the early stage, Simoldes Tooling Division has participated jointly with his 4 costumers for this Project, during the development stage of the inner parts, product for which would latter on build the moulds for.

Several studies, results, presentations, discussions and revisions, took place in Bruxells, UK and Turkey.

Then the final shape of the project happened, and in a definite stage, Simoldes Tolling Division in Portugal took the responsibility of building 63 moulds for the Inside Trims and IP components, as well as some under bonnet components.

These 63 moulds were split among 4 of Simoldes Tooling Division mould shops, according to specific skills of each one of them.

The moulds are now delivered to the OEM supplier since mid 2006, and the preproduction run and validation in the serial resources, is being done and fine tuning of processes is being validated.

This vehicle will be available in the market in February 2007.


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