O projeto #Simoldes4.0 tem como principal objetivo desenvolver um molde eficiente que integra visão artificial e sensorização inteligente, baseadas em soluções inovadoras de monitorização incorporadas no seu interior, que ultrapassam o usual controlo de temperatura e pressão. Este molde eficiente incorporará sistemas avançados para um controlo contínuo e eficaz de determinados parâmetros técnicos e do processo, assegurando que os parâmetros que regulam os sistemas se encontram dentro da janela de processamento padrão e que outros valores das variáveis de operação mostram um funcionamento regular e seguro que maximizam a eficiência e a produtividade.

Custo Total Elegível (Simoldes Aços, SA): €928.776,36
Apoio Financeiro (Simoldes Aços, SA): FEDER – €536.876,68
Período de execução: 01-09-2016 a 31-08-2019

We'll be present at FEIPLASTIC 2017
April 2017
We'll be present at FEIPLASTIC, which will happen between 03-07 April 2017, in Brasil São Paulo

Visit us at our stand B39

We’ll be present at RosMould 2016
June 2016
We’ll be present at Rosmould, which will happen between 15-17 June 2016, in Russia Moscow

Visit us at our Booth C - 22

We’ll be present at PLASTIMAGEM 2016
March 2016
We’ll be present at PLASTIMAGEM 2016, which will happen between March 8th and 11th, in Mexico City, at Banamex Center, located in the Hipodromo de las Americas

Visit us at our booth 3536

We’ll be present in the Moulding Expo at Stuttgart
March 2015
Visit us on our Stand Hall 6 / 6 B 57

Besuchen Sie uns auf unserem Stand: HALLE 6 / 6 B 57

SIMI – Innovative Solutions in Multi-injection
June 2013
Project identification

The SIMI project's strategic goal is the technology development related to the manufacture of tools (molds) for multi-material injection processes. It focuses on a new and innovative solution from the companies MDA and SIMOLDES PLASTICOS, with the purpose to research and develop methods focused on the development of molding tools for the production of multi-material product production.

The project aims to obtain simpler molds, with less production time, lower maintenance costs and less susceptibility to error or malfunction. This new solution will be developed and tested using molds designed and manufactured according to the specific features of the products for the target markets, introducing in this industry specific know-how to design and manufacture molds. This knowledge will be developed and tested in an industrial environment based on two case studies oriented, one for the automotive sector, and the other one for houseware.

The use of different materials will eliminate any possible component assembly work. Another major objective is to achieve greater integration with the adjacent parts and components that perform different functions, such as, in one of the selected case studies - door panel - the rubber seal inside the glass.

The industrial advantages of this new solution allow us to predict gains in quality and productivity in the technology supply inducing an increase in the competitiveness of the companies.








We’ll be present in the RUSSIAN AUTOMOTIVE FORUM
April 2013
We’ll be present in the 16th Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow between 9-11 April 2013. www.russianautomotive.com Visit us in Moscow World Trade Center Stand A8.”
May 2010
Simoldes will participate in the next SAPTOOL 2nd International specialized exhibition for moulds, in company SAPCO in Tehran Iran, between May 24th to 26th.
May 2010
Simoldes will have a booth in IRANPLAST 2010, which will happen between June 23rd and 26th , at Tehran Permanent International Fairground.

Visit us at Iranplast Both 44A
May 2008
ROSMOULD – international specialized exhibition, devoted to production of moulds, die mould, stamps, innovations and technologies, will traditionally take place in one of the best exhibition center in Russia.
XII Plastic Exhibition - Argenplas
May 2008
From the 25th to the 29th March, it was held in Buenos Aires the XII Plastic Exhibition - Argenplas.
Argenplas is the most important fair in the Plastic Industry in Argentina, due to its international character.
February 2008
PLASTIMAGEN Mexico offers exclusive access to the plastics industry in Mexico and Central America. PLASTIMAGEN Mexico is recognized internationally as the most comprehensive plastics machinery, equipment and materials tradeshow in Mexico.
XII International Plastics Exhibition
February 2008
Argenplas is a premium exhibition providing the latest and the best in plastic materials for all manufacturing and processing industries alike. It is known to be the leading specialized exhibition of its kind in Argentina.
Corolla replacement early 2007
October 2006
Simoldes Group has been invited to take part in the conference about Occupational Health and Safety that took place on the 23rd October in Cine-Teatro Caracas, promoted by the municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis.
European Week for the Occupational Health and Safety
October 2006
Simoldes Group has been invited to take part in the conference about Occupational Health and Safety that took place on the 23rd October in Cine-Teatro Caracas, promoted by the municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis.
Faurecia Audit
September 2006
The results of Faurecia Audit are now divulgated by our Quality Department with all the strengths and weaknesses for continuous improvement.
Social Involving
June 2005
Group Simoldes throughout these years is being involved actively with Oliveirense Society in several areas.
The biggest manufacturing group for injection moulds in Europe
April 2005
The Moulds Division of the Simoldes Group is considered to be the biggest manufacturing group for injection moulds in Europe and in many circles is regarded as being an example to follow in the industry.
New design @ www.simoldes.com
January 2005
Simoldes Tool Division launched a new design on the webpage. This is a result of the identity strategy that has been implemented in the last year in all the companies.
Toyota 130L project
December 2004
We are proud to announce the nomination for manufacturing nearly 60 moulds for the Toyota 130L project. Some of these will be made to Faurecia in France, others to Farplas in Turkey and the majority for Intier in the UK.
Renault B/C85 project
Year 2004
Simoldes Tool Division was selected by RSA to make all the Fender Liners injection moulds for the future Renault Clio, code name B/C85. This included the 185, 195 and the Renault Sport versions. In addition, the 185 version for Turkey has been launched recently.
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