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Installed in a more and more global and competitive market, which privileges quality in all its aspects, Simoldes Aços decided, at the end of 1993, to move towards a quality system certification, developing and implementing a Quality Assurance System according to the norm NP EN ISO 9001. The certification was achieved in December 1995, conferred by APCER – Portuguese Association of Certification.

Since then, the implementation of the Quality System has become a basic management tool, creating more values and competitive advantages, able to improve our Organization at all levels and making possible the involvement of the entire workforce, in the satisfaction and expectations needs of our customers.

Along these years, operating in a certified Quality Management System, Simoldes Aços has assumed continuous improvement as a permanent goal, considered as the magic lever to recognition , trust and preference of our customers.

Simoldes Aços values also the well-being of all the Organization and Customers, currently implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

With a promotion and dynamic vigilance of health and safety of the collaborators and a careful planning of prevention, integrating risk evaluation and the respective preventive measures, it is possible to create a healthy work environment, free from dangers, where people, equipment and building are protected.
Due to the bigger exigencies of the customers, the certification of the Quality Management System became a prior objective to the company for the prestige and confidence next them either for a better internal organisation or for the increase of the productivity and consequent decrease of the non quality costs.

Having the conscience and sensibility for the environment problems generated by the contemporaneous industry, MDA has decided to implement an Environment Management System that can warrant an intensive care of the conservation and preservation of the environment during the conception, development and production.

Watching over the environment preservation, the System pushed the company to the development of mould projects saving raw materials and natural resources and reducing residues production.

As a complement of both systems mentioned above, the company has implemented a Health, Hygiene & Security System on Work to assure the best work conditions for the employees motivating them.

This last System became as well an important one for the company especially concerning the hoisting systems, handling and mould transport that can guarantee the safety of employees and costumers in MDA.
IMA gives privilege to a direct contact with their customers, adapting itself to their rhythm and needs. Information and production systems are conjugated to offer a better reactivity, always expectable in these sectors.

IMA can pride itself of having consolidated, during all these years, its prestige in an European and worldwide level, essentially due to an inflexible attitude regarding to strictness and quality, a result of a good production planning and method, controlling advanced techniques, certified tooling, rough material control and complete respect for delivery timing.

That's why, IMA was certified in 1997 after NP EN ISO 9001 norm by APCER - Portuguese Association for Certification.

Its Quality System Certification was updated through NP EN ISO 9001:2000 norm in 2003.

IMA recognizes and believes that it's very important to preserve natural resources and global environment heritage.

Recognizes also that the protection of the environment can and should be compatible with the economic growth and the wellbeing of our community should be granted through the adoption of measures to prevent or minimize the impact in the community environment.

With this goal, IMA has began in 2003 to implement the NP EN ISO 14001:2000 norm and obtained the complete Certification on March of 2004.
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