Citroen C3 (A8)
The C3 car from Citroen arrived to the market to replace the actual Saxo.

Simoldes Group was chosen as one of the most important mould-maker of this project. The Group was the responsible for the manufacturing of moulds for Front Bumper (a set of 4 moulds) for the rear bumper (3 moulds), as well as moulds for the Front Panel (2 moulds) and Door Panel (2 moulds).

The set of moulds manufactured in Simoldes Group will be used in all the Left Hand Drive Citroen cars.

For the Right Hand Drive cars, Simoldes group supplied a mould for the Lower Front Panel.

Resulting of the success achieved by Citroen and consequent production of this car in other countries, a second wave of eight moulds started. The destination of those tools was Spain. Once again, Simoldes was chosen for the manufacturing of 3 rear bumper moulds, a mould to assemble in the front panel and 4 moulds for the Door Panel).
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