Honda CR-V (CRV 07)
Simoldes Tooling Division was responsible by the manufacturing of 44 tools for this project. The plastic parts are both for the interior (upper & lower trim, IP) and exterior of the CR-V vehicle.
Citroen C4 Picasso (B58)
Between prototype and serial tools, Simoldes Tooling Division took part on this project by manufacturing 36 tools for interior parts (IP).
Renault Clio (BC85)
The new Renault Clio had Simoldes Group contribution for the Car of the Year 2006 award. Being congratulated directly by Renault’s team that followed the outer fender liner moulds, shows us that Simoldes is still seen as a part of our customers’ successes.
VW Cabrio EOS (VW465)
Simoldes Tooling Division took part in several stages of this Project, like the prototype moulds for the Instrument Panel and door Panels and the series moulds for the Roof, by developing 20 moulds.
Volvo XC90 (Y289)
Simoldes Group has taken part in this project by making the Front Bumper parts and the Weelarch Extentions, normal and sport versions. 10 moulds have been made.
Volvo S80 (Y286)
Simoldes Group has taken part in this project by making the Door panel moulds and assembling parts, as well as the Bumpers and Rear Spoilers.
Volvo C70 Cabrio (P15)
This Project consisted in 3 moulds, which involved some development innovation because of the invisible parting line concept in the wheel arch line and soft nose areas, that is, the upper part where the grill is located.
Audi A4 (B7)
For this vehicle, Simoldes contribution consisted in 2 Front Bumpers, one Rear Bumper, as well as the Reinforcements and a Rear Spoiler.
VW Passat B6
This Project is for the chinese/asian market.

On a first stage we have made 8 prototype moulds for the Instrument Panel, and on a second stage we have made 2 series moulds for the Front and Rear Bumpers.
BMW R1200CL (K30)
Simoldes Group made 23 moulds for project K30 to client ''Jdeha''. From all the moulds made we emphasize the front part of the motorbike.
BMW R1200 (K26)
The first photos of R1200 show us a beautiful design with elegant lines, but sportives and charming. Simoldes Group has made 54 moulds for this BMW new model.
Volvo FL (Volvo Truck 2386)
The FL VOLVO truck as adopted the interior developed by a British company TWR in cooperation with MDA in 2 participations. Project Lear Corporation. This truck was built/assembled in Gent – Belgium. Product name: Volvo Truck 2386.
Mercedes Econic (Sachsenring 2000)
Econic is a Mercedes Truck. The cabinet was developed by “Duvedec” in Holland, with the participation of Simoldes Group and Borealis to the Aviken Plast (Lear Corporation) in 1996.
Opel Meriva (Gama)
Simoldes Group had a strong contribution in this Project by producing the shown parts, which were used only for the high line cars not widely commercialised in Portugal.
Mercedes Actros
Mercedes presented on the 7th edition of the “Salon de Lyon” the Actros updtade version.
The group took part on this project in partnership with Visteon, producing 10 moulds essentially for the Instrument Panel.
Citroen C3 (A8)
The C3 car from Citroen arrived to the market to replace the actual Saxo.
Simoldes Group was chosen as one of the most important mould-maker of this project.
Golf V
Simoldes Group gave an important contribution for this new VW, building a total of 35 moulds, divided in 2 projects.
Renault Modus (J77)
Elipse is the common designation of Renault model.
Simoldes Group gave its contribution to this project manufacturing 17 moulds.
Volvo S60 (P28)
The Project for the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment, presented at the Detroit Show and marketed with the name XC90, is meant to compete with BMW, LEXUS and MERCEDES.
Saab 93 (Saab 440)
The Group had a remarkable cooperation on this project building moulds for the Instrument panels (inner and outer), Door Gloves (inner and outer); wheel-arch-liners, battery housing and door panels. In the total, the Group produced 32 moulds for this car.
Renault Espace (W 81)
Simoldes Group made 32 moulds in a total of 150 moulds this new Renault family car generated, an important number of parts on both versions (normal and long).
Papellera Millenium
The “PAPELLERA MILLENIUM” is another CONTENUR Project. Its objective is to equip not only populations around Barcelona city with garbage containers, but also other cities in Spain and throughout Europe.
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