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MDA - Moldes de Azeméis, SA
MDA - Moldes de Azeméis, SA was founded by public deed at the notary’s office of Oliveira de Azeméis on the 23rd of January 1991, and it’s social purpose was to produce metal moulds for the plastic industry.

The company has on its industrial complex some facilities such as a warehouse for raw material, end products and plastic material, garages for the company cars, a social building for the medical and nurse services, a canteen and the bath.

In the end of 1996 MDA started to implement a Quality Guaranty System according to the regulation NP EN ISO 9001, and obtained the certification in December 1999 by BVQI – Bureau Veritas Quality International. Integrated in a continuous improvement process and oriented by a Total Quality management guideline, the company obtained from the same entity in May 2001 the certification of its Environmental management System according to the Norm NP EN ISO 14001.

Products and Services
MDA make innovative moulds for the technologically most developed industries, namely the automotive industry (bumper moulds, dashboards, consoles, optics, that is, all kind of interior and exterior parts for a car), absorbing the majority of the company production, electronics (moulds for computer monitors, commands, etc.), white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.) and furniture (tables, chairs and garden benches).
As a complement to the mould production, MDA supplies its customers with new services, like models in resin materials to be approved by the designers of the automotive companies, lab tests of dimensional control to the parts from the samplings and making of prototype moulds to obtain parts for crash tests.
Capacities and Technologies

MDA has a total area of 26.026 m2. The covered area has a total of 13.122 m2 making of this company the biggest mould company in Portugal.
Producing steel moulds for the thermoplastics injection, mostly big technical moulds of big dimensions, the producing capacity of MDA is up to 100 ton.
The company has been privileging the investment in modern buildings and equipments, of high quality, precision, and technological level.
For the conception it has more than 50 CAD/CAM stations in the studies, development and engineering departments. Those CAD/CAM stations are divided as:

1) 18 Cadds5
2) 12 Unigraphics
3) 6 Catia V5
4) 1 Catia V4
5) 3 DepoCam
6) 8 Worknc
7) 2 PowerMill + Ps Electrode

Rua Comendador António Silva Rodrigues, nº 285
3720 - 502 Santiago de Riba Ul
Oliveira de Azeméis

Apartado 390, Bec da Boavista
3721 – 856 Santiago de Riba Ul

GPS coordinates
N 40º 50.947’
W 008º 28.787’

Telephone: +351 256 660 900
Fax: +351 256 660 940
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