Nowadays considered as the Europe's largest mould maker Simoldes Group Mould Division is taken as an example for this kind of activity.

Everything started on 30th November 1959 with Simoldes Aços foundation.
With an amazing capital share of 200€ (40 thousand escudos at that time), Mr. António Rodrigues founded this small plant located inside Oliveira de Azeméis. Nowadays the mould division has 6 companies in Portugal and 1 in Brazil. The group intends to expand their facilities to Asia and Eastern Europe following their customers migration and market rules. Simoldes Aços started has a toys and house ware mould maker.

In 1963 the plant location was changed with the main goal of increasing the business, already growing very fast at that time.
Later in 1966 following a deep market research and a precise marketing strategy, the company made its first approach to potential customers. At that time through well known brokers (typical way to handle business in the sixties).

Two years later the customer approach was changed and the first direct selling was made to England.
In 1974 the company built a new facility that is still operational and considered as the "mother house".
At that time the strongest world companies had frozen their investments due to the economic recession, but Simoldes Aços kept investing on new equipment, experienced people and preparing itself to the market demands and consolidating its image has a mould maker.
Meanwhile the core business was changing - the automotive industry was the main target.

Twenty years later was working mainly for the Automotive suppliers and the demands were so high that a new company called MDA – Moldes de Azeméis, was created to focus on big size and hi-tech moulds.
With the continuous increase of customer requests a third company (IMA - Indústria de Moldes de Azeméis) started in 1996 for medium size moulds. Later on in 1999 another facility named Simoldes Aços Brasil was built in Curitiba near São Paulo.

Following a very strong sales strategy and customer orientation, several offices were prepared and spread over the most important European target markets. This policy increased the number of customers and consequently the business volume. To be able to fulfill the new demands a new company was built, IGM – Indústria Global de Moldes, and two other companies nearby were bought, Mecamolde and Ulmolde.

Through all these years the young and dynamic team of the mould division, made and exported for over than 30 countries, mainly France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and Turkey, among others.

Simoldes Group Mould Division main customers are worldwide automotive suppliers like Renault, Volvo, BMW, Saab, GM, Ford, Peugeot, Mercedes, Citroën, VW, Seat and other well known companies like Nokia, Hoover, IBM, Whirlpool, Phillips.
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