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Product Creation Process

We apply a management and support tool for project development

SPPS (Simoldes Plasticos Project System)

With this process we guarantee the early involvement with our Customer and Suppliers improving:
- Speed of the total project
- Reduction of the initial costs
- Global solutions
- FMEA and use of learned lessons
- Error proofing concept (Poke-Yoke)
- Continuous cost reduction and quality improvement


Total Quality
Customer Service Centers
Project Organization


P&P research
Concept Engineering
CAD Design
CAE Simulation
Moldflow Analysis


Process Concept
P&P Testing
Dim&Lab Validation
Logistic Concept
Manufacturing expert
After sales

Some Examples of I&D Projects

MouldCork Automotive - Development of a new composite combining cork to produce an engine cover part.
Plascork Automotive - Project development to pursue sustainable , ecological , technical as well as aesthetic solutions for vehicle interiors.
Lightfillers - Development of Light Density Particles to apply on thermoplastics to be used on injection moulding parts, for weight reduction.
Mucell (Light Weight components for automotive with Mucell system for visible parts) - Production of light weight visible components using Mucell system for weight reduction.
Green Materials - New composites using Miscanthus, jute, wood particles and fibers cellulose, biomaterials for injection moulding parts to reduce emission of C02.
ITechinovcar - Development of fully integrated lighting and sensor-actuator systems directly into/onto injection moulded parts for automotive interiors.
TPO - Optimization of process Vaccum Forming to improve a soft touch product with excellent aesthetic propriety.
One Shot - Local injection of a coating or cover during the same cycle , without assembling or finishing processes.
Seat Module - Development of a seat module , incorporating innovative solutions :plastic-metal structure , seat –pad in cork composite.
JOSPEL The aim of the JOSPEL project is the development of a novel energy efficient climate system for the optimization of interior temperature control management in electrical vehicles.The JOSPEL project consists of 14 project partners from 9 EU countries. The project runs from May 2015 – October 2018.
The project has received funding from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement n° 653851
CHROMIUM LIKE project aims to develop innovative and eco-friendly chromium-free solutions for producing plastic car interior components, with plating effect and improved performance in terms of touch perception, creating a sensation of metallic touch (cold feel). With an overall investment of 628.745,68 €, this project is co-financed under Portugal 2020 Program in 419.700,25 €, from European Regional Development Fund.
CHROMIUM LIKE project will be in force for three years, having started in January 2016 and ending in December 2018, with Simoldes Plásticos as promoter, and CeNTI as co-partner

S-Console project aims the development of a new floor central console for the automotive interiors, integration of innovative functionalities, smart materials and communications electronic systems with distinct sensing and illumination.
With an overall investment of 661.448,06€, this project is co-financed under Portugal 2020 Program, under the Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization (COMPETE 2020), in the amount of 437.365,06€€, from European Regional Development Fund.
S-Console project will last for three years, from October 2016 to September 2019, with Simoldes Plásticos as promoter, and CeNTI as partner.

The SIM T-RTM project aims the development of a thermoplastic matrix reinforced with graphene nanoparticles embedded fibers, for moulding technology via T-RTM, to produce components for lightweight car body construction, without impairing performance with regard to its properties . With an overall investment of 1.489.782,66€ this project is co-financed under Portugal 2020 Program in 840.768,93€ from European Regional Development Fund. SIM-T-RTM project will be in force for three years, having started in November 2016 and ending in September 2019, with Simoldes Plásticos as promoter, and ESAN- UA as co-partner

HightechWrap is a project of manufacturing investment of new technologies and infrastructures to cover thermoplastics products with different foils like PVC`s, TPO`s, Alcantara and fabrics in order to provide to the final product different characteristics on appearance, touch and perceived quality. Simoldes will add new technologies like In Mould Graining, Laminating by Vacuum Thermoforming and press covering laminated with hot melt adhesives. HightechWrap project will enable Simoldes Plásticos to offer special to the Automotive market news products with more added value and product differentiation. The new plant will be located at Oliveira de Azeméis and will bring to the national market new technologies that does not exist in Portugal. Project supported by the Compete 2020.

Projeto nº POCI-01-0249-FEDER-014366
Apoio no âmbito do sistema de incentivos à Inovação Empresarial
Designação do Projeto: HighTech Production Line for Wrapping
Custo Total Elegível: 9.003.249,00 EUR
Apoio Financeiro da EU: 4.051.462,05 EUR
Localização do Projeto: Oliveira de Azeméis